FamFest & Ibiza Chill House Events are mostly one day afternoon festival themed events which appeal to adults, but especially to families with children of all ages.

Our subtle trick is to make our occasions something for parents to genuinely enjoy but where children can have a great time too. FamFest events are mostly DJ music based with various side attractions for children. Our most satisfying achievement is to see parents with their children dancing together at our events. Some other event concepts are designed around occasions such as Halloween, Mothers Day, Easter and Christmas etc. In 2022 we intend to create an event associated with the Queens Platinum Jubilee and the Football World Cup. 

Being proud Royalists as we are, it was always our intention to produce a significant Jubilee Event, to ensure a level of quality that such a remarkable milestone in modern history warrants. The Medicine Garden was our first choice Venue where we are confident our celebrations will become a memory of a lifetime for all those who will attend.