The conversations between myself, my family and our FamFest team have been going around in circles for days now, tormenting ourselves from one minute, feeling we can still move forward and then the next minute, feeling that yet another hurdle needs to be overcome. 


It has now become too much and, even though this weekend’s events are almost sold out, the multiple variables in the days and weeks ahead have forced us to reach the conclusion that this is sadly the moment we must cease all our efforts for this year at least. INCLUDING THIS WEEKEND. Everything is now cancelled.


Here are some of the reasons that have led us to this very heart breaking decision.


  1. All staff at the Venue we worked at earlier this week have contracted Covid, and therefore, all of my team that had been in close contact with them, including ourselves, should be self isolating for the next 10 days.

  2. In recent days, for every ticket we sell, we have had to refund at least two tickets, as people have been cancelling their tickets either due to contracting Covid or having to self isolate from being in proximity with those with Covid. Additionally there have been many who have been choosing to isolate out of precaution. This obviously significantly effects the viability of our entire business.

  3. The constant rescheduling of dates and having to accommodate refunds have taken a toll. 

  4. We are all about social gatherings and not social distancing. As we have seen recently, the constant rise of covid cases and hospital admissions puts businesses such as ours in a no win situation. Despite our anticipation of not needing to follow any government direction regarding social distancing after the 19th July, the reality is that a significant proportion of society remains lacking in confidence in returning to the type of events that we produce. With such uncertainty and insecurity, amplified by report after report in the media, it makes it totally unviable for us to continue to promote our events in such a climate. It results in our own personal self doubt that we are potentially contributing to the health risks among those that would attend our events, and my wife and I would not sleep at night with this responsibility.

  5. The governments announcement on Monday evening, that by September, those attending large public gatherings will need to prove having had two jabs, is the best example of confused and mixed messages for everyone to make sense of. Despite our previous optimism up until just a day ago, this no longer feels the season that we had worked towards for so long. Certainly it doesn’t feel that we should be planning to attend events with large numbers, even now, weeks before September. 


Consequently, for these reasons and others, we are left in the precarious position, having taken bounce back loans at the end of last year to help with original requests for refunds and cancelling numerous events, of no longer being able to keep our business alive. We feel, at this stage, even if those with tickets were willing to hold on to them until a further postponement of a date yet unknown, the damage to the financial position of the company is now too big to carry on. 


I personally need a day or two to get over this before I can attend to the mess of this situation. I hope you will appreciate this was far from intentional and totally out of our control. Events is all we have ever done, it is our only livelihood and so we must and will return one day.


Thank you for your support and understanding. You can contact me/us on email to and you will receive a response in the next few days.

Danny Rolnick for FAMFEST and Make This Happen Ltd